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Rosie Juhl
Rosie was involved in the bus, when the initial fundraising took place over 29 years ago and she has been Project Manager for 19 years.  

Her main duties are, fundraising, general day to day administration and staff and customer liaison not forgetting driving the bus on occasion

Cooking on-board Buffy is one of her projects and it is now one of the most popular activities.

She thrives on challenges and there are plenty of them when running a double decker bus in a very rural location. 

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Jo Flynn

Welcome back Jo, this is the third time that Jo has come back to work for our organisation, this time as our Senior Playleader. 


Ingrid Wright

Ingrid has worked on Buffy for a number of years and amongst other jobs she has previously been a childminder.

She has 3 children but no grandchildren yet!

She loves travelling, reading and walking her 2 Labradors.

 Claire Adams

Claire has been one of our playleaders for over 1 year now she is a a very valuable part of our team and is responsible for our social media posts and is brilliant at all forms of communication.

Teresa Bradshaw

As a playleader/driver Teresa is a very valuable part of our team.  She loves driving the bus and also has a passion for motor bikes.